We Are the Connected Learning Alliance

We are educators, researchers and technology makers. We believe that all young people deserve engaging learning and a vibrant future. We harness the power of technology to help make this happen. Will you join us?


Learning is irresistible and life-changing when it connects personal interests to meaningful relationships and real-world opportunity.


Learners need support from peers and mentors to persist through setbacks and challenges.


Learning is intrinsically motivating when it grows out of personal interest.


Success beyond the classroom requires tangible connections to real-world career and civic opportunities.

When these areas intersect, youth learn real-world collaboration, problem-solving and hands-on skills that will carry them through life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read about the research behind connected learning here.


Building Relationships

“I don’t put students in groups so they can learn to work in groups or be social. The world is social. They’ll figure that out. I put people in groups because I think that’s how knowledge is created— by people who talk through ideas and puzzle through problems.”

—Kim Jaxon, Educator

Interest-Driven Learning

“I wanted to have that experience of creating change myself. It’s important for me—and for my future—to take charge of my learning.”

—Charles Raben, Activist

Connecting Learning to Opportunity

“What I’ve learned at Mills in my study of economics becomes paired with what I am learning at Youth Radio. At Mills I am taught theory, and at Youth Radio my learning is hands-on. Not only are we creating apps with the App Inventor and engaging in computer science, but as a group, we also […] need to do the user research. We need to understand the business principles.”

—Asha Richardson, Learner